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Public health is about improving the lives of others by preventing and managing health problems.On this course, you will learn about the health and well-being of communities and groups.

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You will analyse the many different determinants that impact on the health of an individual and populations, including biological, social, political and cultural to technological, environmental and global factors.There are optional work-based placement opportunities available in Years 2 and 3 that allow you to put your learning into practice.

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You will be supported by a personal tutor who will provide additional support and guidance throughout the course.4% of our graduatesĀ are in employment, further study or training within six months of graduating, according to DLHE 2016/17 (based on full-time, first degree, home leavers) Hear from expert speakers in the public health field As our lecturers continue to work in public health, you will learn from their up-to-date knowledge and practice Undertake work-based placements in health and social settings Our Social Work courses were ranked 1st overall in the UK in the 2018 UK Engagement Survey Our Social Work courses were ranked 2nd in the UK for Assessment and Feedback, and 2nd in the UK for Retention and Progression in the 2018 UK Engagement Survey Sound good? Change your Now Course structure This course will equip you to make a real difference to the lives of others through better understanding of factors that impact on health.

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Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, group work and workshops that support different learning styles.We encourage active student participation and you will have opportunities to present ideas and information to other students in a safe learning environment.

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Assessment methods include written coursework, projects, presentations, debates, multiple choice questionnaires and time-constrained examinations.Year 1 (national level 4): Community Perspectives on Health (20 credits) Explore the definitions of community and the approaches that underpin contemporary community health theory Cover key elements including theory, approaches, and policy with case studies The Politics of Health (20 credits) Take an introductory look at national and international politics in the context of health, health care and public health Explore the interconnection between health and politics and the political dilemmas faced by those responsible for the development and implementation of responses to health Work-based Practice (20 credits) Explore the opportunities and constraints that underpin contemporary community/public health practice, including ethical issues and community interventions A key element of this module is the practical application of the principles of community health in a variety of locations Fundamentals of Social Sciences (20 credits) Learn through a combination of lecture and seminar sessions about three main areas: sociology, psychology and social policy Introduction to Research (20 credits) Develop the skills needed to understand research in health and the social sciences Gain an appreciation of the issues around the research continuum and the aspects of research design, analysis and dissemination which need to be considered Determinants of Health (20 credits) Draw on national and international perspectives and examine the determinants of health Explore the definitions and concepts of public health and well-being, as well as the complexity of health inequalities within contemporary society Please note: some modules contain a placement element, so you will be required to obtain a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check at the start of the course.

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Read more about what this means in our Help and Advice article.Read more Core modules Research Methods in Health (20 credits) Further develop skills in research design and analysis across the research continuum, including an understanding of the basic concepts of statistical analysis and the production of a health-related research proposal Social Exclusion (20 credits) Take an introductory look at some of the main issues and skills needed to appreciate issues around poverty and social exclusion Introduction to Epidemiology (20 credits) Gain knowledge of the main issues and skills needed to explore the burden of disease in the UK and internationally Cover topics which include health information sources and their critical use; policies to address population growth; approaches to examining clustering of events and small geographical areas; principles of screening; ways of assessing health needs and the portrayal of epidemiological findings in the media Optional modules - choose three Health Improvement (20 credits) Gain an understanding of the principles that underpin the study of human behaviour, including a range of psychosocial approaches and the ways that these influence health Analyse wider influences on health improvement, including the impact of poverty and structural inequality on health outcomes Drug and Alcohol Issues in Health (20 credits) Cover the historic and contemporary use and misuse of substances by young people and adults Draw upon national and international literature, policy and legislation in order to gain an understanding of the effects and impact that problem drug and alcohol use can have Contemporary Issues in Health (20 credits) Gain knowledge of a range of controversial health related issues Consider ways of understanding complex health issues from the role of the media and representation, ethical theories and the role of research Work-based Partnerships (20 credits) Cover the principles of partnership and looks at how different types of partnerships are formed across the public, private and third sector Gain valuable experience via a placement of 20-30 hours Please note: some modules contain a placement element, so you will be required to obtain a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check at the start of the course.

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Read more Core modules Examine legal, ethical and moral principles which impact on communities, individuals and practitioners Critical Issues in Health (20 credits) Analyse health issues in contemporary society, and explore a diverse range of sources such as newspapers, health promotion campaigns, television programmes and films Dissertation (40 credits) Identify an issue or topic and explore it in depth Form an answerable question and critically discuss the topic in relation to the available literature, ultimately providing an answer Optional modules - choose two Examine the range and breadth of theories and concepts which inform global health debates Explore issues of power, as well as a range of public health problems that have a major impact on health worldwide Building Healthy Communities (20 credits) Analyse the concepts, theories and approaches to community health and examine how community health is understood in contemporary society Explore in particular the complex, dynamic and contested areas of mental health, ageing and end of life Public Mental Health (20 credits) Gain an understanding of organic and non-organic mental illness, as an aspect of public health, and facilitate the debate between effective evidence-based treatments and interventions Placement (20 credits) Undertake work based practice in an organisational setting of your choice Develop and reflect upon a range of employability, subject and programme specific skills which are needed in future careers or areas of employment Please note: some modules contain a placement element, so you will be required to obtain a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check at the start of the course.